We offer a delicious array of sweet and savoury food – all of which are made in our very own Ginger Cat kitchen.  Only a short drive from Alphington and Marsh Barton trading estate, we are the perfect place for a quick and tasty lunch.

Use the contact page, email or message us on Facebook to book your lunch ready for your arrival.

Build your own sandwich or salad box using the menu below. 

Salad Boxes – £4.00 one filling £0.50 extra filling

Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, coleslaw, peppers, sun dried tomatoes & olives

Baps & Baguettes – £3.50 one filling £0.50 extra filling

Granary Bap or Baguette
White Bap or Baguette
Toasted Ciabatta
Devon Longhorn Beef
Vintage Cheddar
Goat's Cheese
Afterburn Cheddar (spicy)
Smoked Cheddar

Red Onion

Cider Chutney
Red Onion Marmalade
Salad Cream
English/Dijon Mustard
Brown Sauce
Honey & Mustard Dressing
French Dressing

Current Hot Specials – £4.50 each
The North Paw - Bubble & Squeak Patty (spuds, onions, carrots, peppers, leeks & mixed herbs), Somerset Brie & Cranberry (v) 
(vegan without the brie)

Pawker - Pigs in Blankets, Somerset Brie & Cranberry

Santa Claws - Hot Roast Turkey, Sausagemeat Stuffing & Cranberry
Deluxe - Add bacon £5.50

Spicy Elf - Sweet Chilli Pigs in Blankets, Afterburn Cheddar, Jalapeños & Sweet Chilli Sauce

We don’t just do sandwiches, we’re a bakery so always have a delicious selection of homemade sweet & savoury goodies.

Pasties and Sausage Rolls
Steak Pasty - Devon Longhorn beef, potato, swede and onion
Cheese & Onion Pasty (v) - Vintage cheddar, potato, swede, onion and herbs
Sausage Roll - Free range sausagemeat, onion, lemon and herbs

And much more....
Pies - We rotate our flavours as we have so many but you'll always be able to find some epic comfort food!

Turkey & Ham 
Turkey, ham, vegetables, cream sauce with thyme, paprika & chilli 
Turkey & Chorizo 
Turkey, chorizo, peppers, sherry, cream & parsley 
Steak & Ale 
Devon Longhorn beef, Hanlons Yellow Hammer Ale, vegetables & herbs 
Steak, Stout & Stilton 
Devon Longhorn beef, Hanlons Port Stout, stilton, vegetables & herbs 
Shepherds Pie 
Rich oven baked lamb sauce with a buttery cheese topped mash Beef Chilli 
Oven baked spicy beef chilli, Afterburn cheddar & a nacho crumb 
Boloroni Pie 
Vintage cheddar mac & cheese with oven roasted bolognese and garlic crumb topping 
Vegeroni Pie 
Vintage cheddar mac & cheese with oven roasted vegetables, homemade pesto and garlic crumb topping 
Christmas Pie (seasonal) 
Turkey, bacon, leek & stuffing with a cream sauce 
Homity Pie (v)  
Vintage cheddar, potatoes & caramelised onions with garlic, cream & parsley 
Pizza Pie (v) (nuts) 
Oven roasted vegetables, pesto & mozzarella with tomato sauce, vintage cheddar and Italian herbs 
Thai Satay Curry Pie (vg) (peanuts) 
Butternut, sweet potato, spinach & peanut with lemongrass, chilli, soy & lime 
Spinach, Feta & Pine Nut Pie (v) (nuts) 
Spinach, feta & toasted pine nuts with lemon & oregano
Traybakes - Our cakes are also rotated but we will always have a great supply to satisfy any sweet tooth.
Banana, Chocolate & Walnut (nuts) 
Banana cake with walnuts & dark chocolate chunks, topped with demerara sugar 
Carrot Cake (nuts)
Rum soaked sultanas, carrot, coconut and spice topped with a vanilla cream cheese icing 
Coffee & Walnut (nuts)
Classic coffee & walnut sponge with coffee icing 
Lemon Drizzle 
Lemon sponge, lemon sugar syrup & lemon icing 
Salted Caramel Ginger Cake 
Stem ginger cake & salted caramel sauce 
Bakewell Cake (nuts)
Bakewell almond & raspberry sponge with almond icing & finished with a glazed cherry 
Dark Chocolate Brownie with milk chunks 
Nutella Brownie 
Dark chocolate brownie with a thick sandwich of Nutella Chocolate Orange Brownie 
Dark chocolate & orange brownie, finished with Terry's chocolate orange pieces 
Bailey's Brownie (seasonal) 
Dark chocolate brownie with a generous helping of Baileys 
Apricot Flapjack (vg) 
Apricot & seed flapjack 
Yogurt Topped, Raspberry Flapjack 
Yogurt topped flapjack with a layer of raspberry jam 
Dark Chocolate & Peanut Butter Flapjack (nuts) 
Peanut butter flapjack topped with dark chocolate 
Dark Chocolate & Coconut Flapjack 
Coconut flapjack topped with dark chocolate 
Wagon Wheel Cake
Oat biscuit base, marshmallow middle, topped with chocolate
Rocky Road (GF)
Milk & dark chocolate, biscuits, marshmallows
Celebrations Rocky Road (seasonal) (nuts)
Milk & dark chocolate, biscuits, marshmallows & celebrations
Millionaires Shortbread
Shortbread base, caramel middle, topped with chocolate
Gingerbread Millionaires Shortbread (seasonal)
Shortbread & ginger base, caramel middle, topped with chocolate & gingerbread men
Malteser Millionaires Shortbread (seasonal)
Shortbread base, caramel middle, topped with chocolate